Win/Win Option

Fast-track your Amazon success.

Our “Win/Win” Marketing Partnership helps you compete and profit on Amazon.

The “Win/Win” Partnership is ideal for companies committed to growing their Amazon
business and increasing overall online sales. In exchange for a percentage of every
sale, we develop and manage an Amazon marketing strategy that generates more
positive reviews, higher search rankings, and more sales.

Our winning formula integrates advanced software technologies,
a distributed team of experts, and proven, Amazon-centric
marketing strategies to give you a swift competitive advantage.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We analyze your products to identify the most profitable pricing strategy
  2. We manage your Amazon marketing, while you handle the inventory.
  3. We split all net proceeds 50/50 (after deducting product costs, ad costs and Amazon fees).

Marketing services include:

Product Listing Set Up: Optimized images, descriptions, keywords,
and help you reach consumers ahead of your competitors.

Product Launch: Kick-start tactics boost sales
and positive reviews on your product listings.

Testimonials: An active, post-purchase customer engagement
system increases positive reviews for your products.

Target Marketing: Amazon sponsor ads, advanced Facebook and Google ad targeting,
and retargeting strategies.

Sales Management: Inventory monitoring, sales result tracking,
and cash flow management are all taken care of by our administrative team.

Competitive Intelligence: Deep competitor research and analysis – advertising creatives, keyword strategies, advertising costs, traffic sources, sales funnels, customer demographics, etc. In short, exactly what’s working for competitors.

Product Videos: YouTube videos put your products on the search engine
second only to Google, attracting more customers from around the web.

Sales Funnel Set Up: Prospect landing pages, sales pages, automated
email systems and order pages, to directly target prospective customers

Customer Lists: A growing list of engaged customers for long term repeat business.

Brand Value: Continual email/branding initiatives of the company and product line.

If you’d like to know explore your sales and marketing potential on Amazon,

please feel free to Contact Us at your convenience.