About Us

We help businesses win more business.

We do it through Amazon, the most powerful sales platform in the world.

People use Google to search.
They use Facebook to socialize.
They use YouTube to be entertained.
But when they buy… they go to Amazon.

Today, close to 200 million active customers use Amazon, and their ranks are growing steadily.
And they’re buying products directly from vendors like you. In fact, third-party sales represent
over 40% of total Amazon gross sales.

We specialize in Amazon marketing because we know it’s the most powerful business-building tool
for today’s companies. No other market matches its size and potential.

We focus exclusively on helping you claim your share of this massive market, with proven techniques
for boosting the visibility, credibility, and appeal of your company and products.

Our unique service offering includes:

• Extensive expertise in managing and promoting multiple Amazon vendors
• A $200,000 software marketing system
• An alliance network of over 1,000 Internet marketers

From our offices in downtown Toronto, we remotely manage the marketing activities of some of
Amazon’s top-selling vendors, and we are actively seeking to expand our client roster.
If you’re interested in tapping into the Amazon market, please email business@gigopoly.com.